The number of kids and adults killed in the most recent school shooting, in Florida.

But, thoughts, and prayers.

That’s what is offered up by elected officials who would rather have the NRA contribute to their political campaigns, than work to make our country more safe.

Kids can’t go to school, people can’t go to a concert, the LGBTQ community can’t go out to dance- why? Because thoughts, and prayers, haven’t stopped the bullets from flying. That’s why.

Thoughts and prayers, without action, are useless.

I am not opposed to our 2nd Amendment. It’s there for a reason. I’m opposed to how it is being applied in this modern time. I’m opposed to the access people who shouldn’t have guns, have. The current Presidential administration rolled back required mental health checks. Someone didn’t think that through. Why? They want their A+ rating from the NRA.

I’m opposed to protecting your right to have a gun, when nothing is being done to prevent loss of life. I’m opposed to your obsession with the right to have a gun, when you don’t champion the right to life.

Keep praying. I’ll just work to elect representatives that care.