Tonight’s article was going to be very different.

With National Coming Out Day coming up on October 11th, I’m featuring people on my website who have come out, and want to share their stories, and advice for those who want to come out. And I wanted to share the first story tonight.

But, I feel that I need to write about the horrific incident in Las Vegas.

I woke up at 4:15 am to the CNN alert on Twitter. And the same grief that washed over me when the awful massacre in Orlando happened, washed over me again.

That awful incident involved LGBTQ+ and people of color- now, it was people who came out to a concert.

People who wanted to dance and celebrate, and people who wanted to enjoy an evening of country music.

These incidents (Sandy Hook, Orlando, Vegas, and all of the others) all need to be a call to action. A call for our elected representatives to do something. Close the loopholes in gun purchases, make sure anyone with mental issues can’t buy a gun, and reconsider the language in the 2nd Amendment. That clause “well-regulated” means something- figure that out please?

I grew up in a Republican, conservative household. I know how to shoot a gun, and enjoyed target practice. I believe in our Constitution, but I also know that it was meant to be a living, breathing document- one that can change and be amended over time. And it has been high time for a new interpretation of how our 2nd Amendment is allowed to impact lives.

Those elected to public office- from town and city, to state and federal- find a way to both honor the 2nd Amendment, and reduce gun violence. Add yearly mental health checks for those who have purchased guns, and make automatic guns harder to purchase. This is not about taking guns away, this is about trying to make sure gun owners don’t shoot at concert-goers and those out for the night- or the day.

If you support the idea that people have the right to not be mowed down by bullets raining from a hotel, then you’ll support gun safety.

Years ago, a white terrorist detonated a bomb in Oklahoma City- what will our federal government do to stop other domestic terrorists- like this man who not only caused thousands of people to live in fear for but also loss of life?

America’s heart breaks and bleeds over Sandy Hook, Orlando, Las Vegas, and all the other mass shootings.

Do something.