Black Lives Matter(Originally published on Facebook, July 8, 2016; post edited)

If you are shocked, saddened, angry, etc. at the incidents in Dallas- police officers shot and killed, but not about Alton Sterling, Philando Castile and other black lives taken, then you are part of the problem. 


Because you value some lives over others. You value those who have badges over those living ordinary lives, selling CDs and driving in a car with their child. 

Or is it about skin color? 

Believing that there is some kind of superior value to white men and women in badges, and assigning less value/importance to the people of color who are held down and shot at point blank, is racism. 

This is why the statement that “all lives matter” is racist. It doesn’t recognize the systemic racism and violence towards people of color. It generalizes that all people matter, while ignoring people of color. Saying that you don’t see “color” is supposed to be higher thinking? No, it’s just an excuse to not face the awful truth. 

A black boy can wear a hoody, and get killed. A black man can be thrown into a van by police and die later because of a broken back. A black woman can be arrested during a traffic stop, after being threatened with a taser, and found hanging in her cell. A black man could be selling CDs, and get tackled to the ground, and shot point blank. A black man can be in the car with his family, and reach for a license and registration (because that’s not normal during a traffic stop????) and be shot to death. 

#BlackLivesMatter and, as a friend, as an ally, as a supporter of the movement, I ask my brothers and sisters in the LGBTQ community to recognize the racism, change your attitude, learn about the inequality, and do something about it.