On New Year’s Eve, Gov. Cuomo vetoed a bill that would have provided funding for legal support to those who can’t afford it and on Tuesday proposed a tuition-free plan at New York state colleges.

A Cuomo spokesperson said the bill that would made important changes to our criminal justice system, was just too expensive.

Gov. Cuomo has amazing opportunities to affect the residents of NY, including a renewed push for rideshare programs.

Which initiative is more important? Providing a legal defense and support to overworked public defenders? Creating educational opportunities for those who might not be able to afford it? Pushing for a rideshare program in upstate NY?

At some point, I’ll be told that this isn’t a fair question. What is more important?

However, at some point, we’ll look back, and ask ourselves, “What was more popular at the time?”

A proposal’s popularity is the reason a plan like the bill for legal support gets pushed back for being too expensive. And it’s the reason people who can’t afford an attorney, are assigned a public defender who has an overwhelming caseload.

Perhaps when popularity, and importance meet at the crossroad of social justice, we’ll have a different answer.