With 2016 almost behind us, it’s important that we look forward. Dwelling in the past doesn’t do anyone any good. But neither does forgetting how we got to where we are. Experiences are what makes and molds us, guides us and defines us.

New Year’s resolutions aren’t kept well- if you google statistics related to resolutions, you’ll see something like 80% are never kept, 8% succeed, etc. But it is important to look forward to how we can improve, change or enjoy our lives even more.

Speaking of changes, here in the City of Rochester, 2017 will be a busy year! What does the new year hold for the City of Rochester?

  1. Politics! The Mayor’s race is sure to generate a lot of discussion, and with City Council seats up, those who thought we’d get a break after the seemingly endless presidential campaigns, you might as well get ready now.
  2. Will a safety program replace the unpopular red-light camera system?
  3. A decision on Parcel 5! Will it be retail? A mixed use open space? A performing arts center?
  4. The Inner Loop project continues. Now that the portion of the inner loop has been filled in, connecting parts of the city together, will we see sustainable projects built?
  5. Rideshare program? Will Uber or Lyft finally be approved by our state government!?

What are you looking forward to? Do you have plans for 2017? What are your top priorities?

I think the following quote is a great perspective on life, and at least, personally, might just be my mantra for next year:

“All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make the better.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Happy New Year!