In 1988, the World Health Organization designated December 1 as World AIDS Day, a day to remember those lost to HIV/AIDS, and a day to bring awareness of this epidemic that still affects millions of people world wide.

Here in Rochester, organizations like Rochester Victory Alliance promote safe sex, and work on HIV vaccines. And organizations like Trillium Health provide free HIV/STD testing, prevention and primary care services.

What can you do?

  1. Know your status! When was the last time you got tested for HIV or STD/STIs?
  2. Encourage others to get tested!
  3. Understand that HIV/AIDS affects each of us, in different ways. Some of us have friends living with HIV, some live with HIV. And understand that the negative stigma assigned to those living with HIV is never justified.
  4. Utilize condoms and PrEP.
  5. Lastly, a shameless plug. Come on out to the last World AIDS Day Benefit concert this evening. This is the 16th year this concert has been produced (my 8th year producing) and this is it’s finale concert. Where? Third Presbyterian Church (corner of East ave. and Meigs st.) When? 7pm, and it’s free!

We all can make the world around us a more positive place, by just doing one or two simple things. Hope to see you this evening!