I got home from work 15 minutes ago. For almost 12 minutes, I’ve watched Hillary Clinton’s concession speech.

Her second campaign has ended, and even though as of right now, Hillary leads by 200,000 popular votes, she lost the election.

Locally, here in Rochester, we had a great election night! Celebrating this is important- Harry Bronson, Louise Slaughter, and Chuck Schumer all reelected.

A Democrat holds Monroe County Clerk’s office- Adam Bello. He was appointed to the position by Governor Cuomo, and got to work immediately by addressing illegal fee waivers, zombie properties, gun permit opt-out forms. This wasn’t just a win for that office; it very well could be signaling a change of party power in our county.

Looking at the Presidential election, the concern felt across our country is valid. LGBTQ, Muslim, People of Color, Women, Minorities, Immigrants- all communities feeling threatened by Trump’s Presidency, and his VP Mike Pence’s record.

Why? Across social media today, I saw gay men reporting having “Faggot” yelled at them. A friend of mine who is Muslim was told to go back to her country. Yesterday, a Pride flag was burned in Rochester. What’s next? How will the effects of this election affect communities that have been lifted up under President Obama? How will this affect our way of life?

What can we do? We can rally. I think it will be important that we gather in unity, and let people know we don’t tolerate hate. We can work to elect and reelect leaders who reflect our values. We can speak out. We don’t have to accept racism, intolerance and hate in our lives and we can let the people in our lives know that by challenging their thoughts and actions. And we can hope. Hope in action leads to the changes we want and need.

Together, we rise.