On Tuesday, the American people who don’t have early-voting access, head to their polling places to cast their vote for those running for election, or reelection.

Friends of mine have expressed how much they “like” Trump’s no-nonsense, bold, speak-his-mind approach. What they fail to see are the far reaching repercussions we’d face if Trump were elected. Not just for our LGBTQ rights, but a Trump presidency affects immigration, healthcare, women’s rights, our economy, international relationships; it threatens our vibrant multicultural way of life.

Not all campaigns are faced with a temporary restraining order. Does a vote for Trump make you proud? Do you want to vote for a man who accused of rape and and his fraudulent university goes to trial in November? You could go ahead and apologize to the women in your life, because your vote for Trump is a vote for assault.

I just had a great conversation with a friend about how the school she works for just started a GSA, and how she’d love for me to stop in and talk to the kids. We have the opportunity to vote for our future, for our kids, for our rights. For our democracy.

In three days, we vote for those we want to represent us. Federally, at the state level, and locally.

A local radio personality, and blogger, Bob Lonsberry, wrote a post recently about who he is voting for. Bob wants to vote for his “balls to the wall” candidate, who is “the better candidate, the better philosophy and the future of my country”, but I won’t be. If Trump is the future of our country, then I hope that thought energizes enough voters to choose Hillary Clinton for President.


Locally, I’m looking forward to Harry Bronson‘s and Louise Slaughter’s reelection. We have some great candidates for our local courts!

Adam Bello, appointed to office by Governor Cuomo to fill the Monroe County Clerk vacancy, has been working hard since he got into office, and I hope his election will be the start of the end of the Republican grip on our county.

Chuck Schumer continues to advocate for our community, and his long record shows that he continues to hold New Yorker’s interests at heart.

I’ll cast my vote for Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine. Why? Because she holds our country’s best interests at heart, will lead our country forward, keep our international relationships intact, shine brightly as a beacon of democracy to countries that need that hope, and continue to strengthen our economy. Her presidency is a gender-defying, glass-shattering movement in the right direction. Do you need more reasons? She doesn’t tolerate hate speech, isn’t a bully, encourages immigration,  doesn’t discriminate, and wants to be OUR president. She doesn’t want to build a wall, because walls don’t encourage unity, they are built on fear and a ridiculous belief that keeping out people makes America great again.

Join me, will you? Exercise your right to vote, and vote for OUR future.

See you at the polls!