Four days ago, Tim Knauss, a reporter from published a story about Chase Coleman, an autistic teen who was assaulted here in Rochester.

David Andreatta, from the Democrat and Chronicle, covered the story locally.

To summarize, Chase, an autistic, black student from Syracuse, was here in Rochester participating in a race by Cobbs Hill, when a man got out of his car and yelled at him to get out of the way and shoved him down. The man stated in his interview that he thought Chase was going to steal his wife’s purse, even though she was sitting in the car. Martin MacDonald, from Pittsford, had his car broken into several times, and this made him think that this student, in his school running gear, was going to break into the car he and his wife were in.

A few days later, the Rochester Police Department invited Chase, who has quit the school track team, to run with them.

And now, an arrest warrant has been issued for Martin MacDonald’s arrest.

Mr. MacDonald decided that racially profiling and assaulting a black, autistic teen was something he could get away with. Sure, maybe for a few weeks. But with the local and national attention from the press, bringing attention to the story, I hope our justice systems works for Chase.

Chase came here to to do something he enjoyed, and ended up being profiled and assaulted by a man who irrationally thought that crime is committed by a specific demographic. MacDonald proved himself wrong.