Right now, it’s Thursday evening, almost 9pm, and I’m two days past the day I wanted to write my first post.

I thought about writing about Joe Errigo, candidate for NY State Assembly, on Evan Dawson’s show today, talked about how President Obama has instructed “black people get out there, kill them. Kill the whites. So he’s to blame.” You can read for yourself, on Evan’s Twitter feed and check out coverage from the Democrat & Chronicle. And then you could check out Joe’s statement.

Or, I could add my thoughts to Twitter and how Vine will be discontinued.

Or, how I had a date this evening with a nice guy, at the wine bar around the corner from me.

I spent a few hours on Tuesday (when I planned to write my first post) reading through tweets sent during the Presidential debate.

As an out gay man, and Democrat, what troubles me the most is how Donald Trump’s message is resonating with Americans. He’s played on fear, hatred, bigotry, taxes (or tax evasion?). Perhaps true American values have given way to the unfounded fear that a wall will solve any problem. Even here locally, in Brighton, an anti-racism vigil was held this evening.

What gives me hope, hope for our future, hope that love trumps hate, and hope that #ImWithHer and action from people who believe in the spirit of Lady Liberty gets Hillary Clinton into office, is this simple fact: when people know something is inherently wrong, they rise up, and together, make change.

Together, we rise.